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Mehmet Erdem


While developed countries continue to shape an industry that has somehow become an integral part of the society, it only seems fair that the industry should provide equal access for every member of the society, recouping members of the market that is excluded without notice. The basic tier of service in the web interface is to provide information, before any booking systems and online purchasing (Siegel, 1997). In the travel industry, this basic tier is achieved in many different travel businesses, but consistently in destination marketing websites that solely promotes a tourism destination through delivering information about the specific location. Palmer & McCole (2000) claimed that information technology has created a portal whereby potential consumer can browse through the web interface to view what the destination offers and develop a picture that would contribute to imagining a supposed travel experience. This study will examine the behavior of a website user in assessing the accessibility of Destination Management Organization (DMO) websites. This also acts to suggest the level of complexity that DMO’s may solve by recognizing primary errors and consumer attitude in providing equal access.


Accessible Web sites for people with disabilities; Destination Management Organizations; Electronic commerce; People with disabilities--Travel; Tourism--Marketing; Web sites--Evaluation


Advertising and Promotion Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Leisure Studies | Marketing | Tourism and Travel

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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