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Alison Green


Las Vegas nightclub industry creates awfully ideal conditions for workplace sexual harassment. Considering the history of sexual harassment cases against major Las Vegas nightclub operators, the industry is currently facing the problem of either continuing to follow the “good old days” model of using bottle service girls’ sexuality to attract business or develop safer and more efficient business model to protect themselves and their employees. Analyses of secondary data including academic literature, trade publications and press, showed that similarly to the city itself, Las Vegas nightclub industry expanded and evolved from a boy's town to one of the most visited cities attracting both males and females from all over the world. It also exposed serious ethical issues on every step of bottle service girls’ employee lifecycle. Las Vegas nightclub operators should reconsider current policies and procedures, implement sexual harassment training and conduct customer satisfaction survey to uncover the reasons that are currently drawing customers to their establishments. Finding of this study could help businesses make effective strategic decisions on how to decrease chances of sexual harassment incidents, enhance customer service and improve working conditions for bottle service girls in Las Vegas nightclub industry.


Nevada--Las Vegas; Nightclubs; Sexual harassment--Prevention; Sexual harassment of women


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Gender and Sexuality | Human Resources Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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