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The participation in high school athletics among the adolescent population has continued to rise over the past few years. Concussion research has grown and evolved due to an increase in awareness of the seriousness of this injury based on the increase in quantity studies being produced. The research conducted to determine if differences occur between high school athletes and collegiate athletes and if a difference is observed between the genders, has being to grow. Although there has been an increase in research for this injury, the understanding of how this injury affects the adolescent population and how this injury differs between the genders, is still widely unknown. Therefore, the objective of the current meta-analysis and systematic review is to evaluate the literature and determine if a relationship exists in post-concussion symptom reporting between male and female adolescent athletes. An extensive search of PubMed, SPORT Discs, Web of Knowledge, Cochrane Library, ProQuest and Google Scholar was undertaken. The specificity of search terms was based on the individual database. Once the inclusion criteria was met, a quality assessment of the included studies was completed and those studies were included in the current meta-analysis and systematic review. A total of three articles were included in the current meta-analysis. To examine the hypothesis of the current meta-analysis and systematic review a significance test for proportion between two independent groups was conducted along with the calculation of z-scores, using a two-tailed test. The organization and analysis of the included data was completed using Microsoft Excel and the alpha level was set at p<.05. The results of the current metaanalysis indicate that a significant difference within the reporting of commonly reported post-concussion symptoms exists between the genders in the adolescent population.


Adolescent; Post-Concussoin; Symptoms



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