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May 2016

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Master of Science in Computer Science


Computer Science

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Ajoy K. Datta

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Yoohwan Kim

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John Minor

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Venkatesan Muthukumar

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We present an application program, Distributed Algorithm Simulator, to simulate the execution of distributed leader election algorithms in a ring-network. The application was developed using Visual C# on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. The Distributed Algorithm Simulator consists of two major components: A Visual Simulator, which visually demonstrates the execution of the algorithms; and a Textual Simulator, which simulates the execution in text format. In both cases the end-result can be saved to a file.

The Visual Simulator displays the network in a ring orientation with circles representing the nodes, and numbers on them showing the node IDs. The user has the ability to choose which variables of the algorithm are displayed at each step and the speed at which each step is performed. Once a simulation has been finished, the user can step through the execution of the algorithm forward and backward.

The Textual Simulator displays – in a multiline Textbox – the status of each variable at each step during the execution. As before, the user can run and pause the simulation as well as control the speed of the execution. Finally, the user can save the results to a text file.


C#; Computer Science; Distributed Algorithms; Distributed Computing; Leader Election; .NET


Computer Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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