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A concern that parents of children with disabilities have is whether or not their offspring are able to interact and be accepted by children who do not have disabilities. Unfortunately children with developmental disabilities (DD) may experience difficulties when interacting with typically developing peers. One method of addressing this issue has been to ensure that children with DD receive instruction in the same school setting as their peers. However, simply attending the same school as children who are typically developing may not be enough. Hence the need for interventions such as peer network (PN) and peer video modeling (PVM), that educators can use to help facilitate interactions between young children with disabilities and their peers. The purpose of this study was to compare the relative effect of PN versus PVM on positive social interactions performed by young children with DD in an inclusive classroom setting and determine whether or not the effect of the best treatment generalized to the playground setting. Five preschool aged children with disabilities participated in this study. Data were collected in both the classroom and playground settings. Results suggest that PN was more effective for one young child with autism and that the relative effect of that treatment generalized to the playground setting. Both interventions were found to be effective for a second child with a developmental delay but only in the classroom setting. Neither of the interventions were effective for a third child with autism nor were they effective for a fourth child with a developmental delay. Finally, though not diagnosed with a DD, the PN intervention was found to be more effective for one young child with a speech and language impairment with the relative effect of that treatment generalizing to the playground setting.


autism; developmental disabilities; peer mediated instruction; preschool; social skills; video modeling


Education | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Special Education and Teaching

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