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Dental Medicine

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The goal of this study is to use the improved imaging capability of cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT) to investigate the development and sexual dimorphism of the frontal sinus and surrounding supraorbital region in the subadult population of urban Southern Nevada. CBCT radiographs were obtained from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine archival dental records. Five hundred and fifty six of these radiographs were reviewed for the study. Two hundred and sixteen patients (92 males, 124 females) between the ages of 7 and 20 years were included based on inclusion/exclusion criteria. Samples were categorized into 3 subadult age groups for analysis: Group 1 (age 7-11), Group 2 (age 12-15), and Group 3 (age 16-20). Crosssectional slices were obtained of the frontal sinus in coronal and transverse sections. The maximum height, width and anteroposterior length (depth) were measured for the right and left sides of each frontal sinus. A mid-sagittal slice was also taken and the nasofrontal angle was measured. The relationship of the anterior border of the frontal sinus to a vertical reference line drawn from nasion to A-point was also determined.

The incidence of bilateral and unilateral agenesis of the frontal sinus was recorded for the 556 radiographs reviewed. An independent samples t-test was utilized to compare the maximum height, width, depth and nasofrontal angle between males and females within the three age groups. Statistically significant values (p


Frontal sinus; Nasofrontal angle; Sex determination; Subadults


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