Optimization of Useful Hard X-~ray Photochemistry

David Lewis Goldberger


X-ray induced damage is generally considered a nuisance, but in the field of Useful Hard X-ray Photochemistry we harness the highly ionizing and penetrating properties of hard X-rays (> 7 keV) to initiate novel photochemical decomposition and synthesis at ambient and extreme conditions. Preliminary experiments suggest that the energy of irradiating photons and the sample pressure play roles in determining the nature of X-ray induced damage. Here, we present the X-ray energy dependence of damage induced in strontium oxalate, strontium nitrate, and barium nitrate, as well as the pressure dependence of X-ray induced damage of strontium oxalate. Our results indicate that the rate of X-ray induced damage and in some case the products depend on the energy of the irradiating X-rays and on the sample pressure. These results allow us to control and optimize Useful Hard X-ray Photochemistry so that we can mitigate unwanted X-ray damage and harness useful reactions.