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This dissertation will present a brief overview of the history and evolution of the one-handed works throughout the centuries with an emphasis on the various reasons for their origin, importance and application. Pieces by five distinguished composers will be closely studied in order to demonstrate a variety of compositional cultures, styles and forms.

One of the fundamental intentions for the existence of this document is that it features research exploring the primary causes for professionally inflicted injuries and available methods for injury prevention. I strive to bring more awareness to the importance of trauma prevention in the music field and in particular, in the piano area. I also aspire to help injured pianists by introducing them to the realm of one-handed works and thus give them a creative outlet while they are in a process of full recovery. Those works are not only going to benefit the performers by helping them cultivate an excellent piano technique, but they also could save careers in circumstances such as professionally related and other commonly caused injuries and accidents.

The other essential purpose of this research is to provide an informative and interpretative analysis of selected compositions, including the expansion of piano technique necessary to execute musical works of such category. A piece, which is masterfully performed, would not only contribute to the pianist’s musical satisfaction, but it will enhance the overall understanding and perception of the oeuvre by the audience. An analysis in relation to performance will be included, as the specifics of these works require an individual approach due to the variety of challenges, which will be encountered in the process of study. These pieces will bring variety and add artfully to the quality concert programs, and impress the audience with their highly virtuosic character and expressive musical depth.


History; Injury; Methods; Music; One-handed; Piano



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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