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May 2019

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Doctor of Nursing (ND)



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Carolyn Sabo

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Aaron Bellow

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Janet Dufek

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As reimbursement models move from volume-based to value-based, organizations increasingly depend on meeting patient outcome goals in order to achieve their budgetary targets. Leadership teams are a vital part of healthcare organizations and their performance is crucial to the overall organization’s performance. The organization of interest saw a group of strong individual leaders struggle with outcome production due, in part, to overall team dysfunction. To address this need, this DNP project is a group development program, based on the concepts of transformational leadership. As functional groups and transformational leaders are known to drive outcomes, when implemented, this program’s goal is to improve organizational outcomes.

Although group development theory has been cited in the literature for a century or more, much of healthcare’s literature related to team development focuses on interdisciplinary teams, not peer leadership teams. Non-nursing literature does support the importance of peer team development and the impact of functional teams on positive results. The literature also supports the positive impact that Transformational Leadership has on both teams and results, thus this is the framework used for this project.

The resulting program is a twelve-month, group development program for small nursing leadership teams. The program’s main concepts are trust, professionalism, relationship building, inspiration, business skills and results. The project deliverables are twelve group development session outlines with accompanying PowerPoint presentations.


Group development; Leadership; Transformational leadership; Trust



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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