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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Christine Clark

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Norma Marrun

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Steven Bickmore

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The Pentecostal church had been a religious anomaly amongst other Protestant affiliations because of their commitment to particular beliefs and practices. By using Gutierrez’s (1973) Liberation Theology and Freire’s (1970) Critical Theory as theoretical frameworks, the completed study examined the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of the Pentecostal youth concerning higher education and whether or not it was promoted by church leadership as well as Pentecostal women’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the role of women, including their consideration and encouragement for leadership in the church. Specifically, the study was framed around the following questions:

How, if at all, did the Pentecostal community engage the concepts and practices of social justice?

What did women members of the Pentecostal community believe, think and feel about the role of women, including their consideration for leadership within the church?

What did Pentecostals believe, think, and feel about higher education generally? More specifically, how was the pursuit of higher education supported by church leadership?

Multiple case study was the research design used to complete this study. Interviews and observations were the two sources of data collected. Data was analyzed for themes and reported.


Case Study Methodology; Higher Education; Pentecostals; Religious Groups; Social Justice; Women in Church Leadership


Education | Practical Theology