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Master of Science in Environmental Science


Environmental Science

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Dr. Krystyna Stave, Examination Committee Co-Chair, Department of Environmental Science

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Dr. Jacimaria Batista, Examination Committee Co-Chair, Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering

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The main objective of this thesis was to investigate the distribution of phosphorus among three different compartments of the Upper Pond at the Nature Preserve at the Clark County Wetlands Park in Las Vegas, NV: influent and effluent water, sediments, and plants. Samples were collected from September 2002 to January of 2003 and analyzed for phosphorus content. Results showed that the Upper Pond removed 55% of the ortho phosphate (OP) and 39% of the total phosphorus (TP) loadings during the study period. Sediment results showed that the East Outflow concentrated the most P (644.85 ± 120.26 mg P Kg'1), followed by the East Edge of the Island (576.00 ± 151.38 mg P Kg"1) and the Inflow (468.55 ± 298.99 mg P Kg"1). Results also showed that the sediment is accumulating mostly in the middle of the pond followed by the east edge of the island and the east outflow area. Typha and Scirpus plant species were analyzed for P content and results showed that Typha accumulated more P than Scirpus during this study. Only Scirpus showed significant difference in P content between above and belowground tissues. Below ground tissues had more P content.


Nevada – Clark County Wetlands Park; Phosphorus; Sewage – Purification; Water – Phosphorus content; Wetland plants


Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Sciences | Water Resource Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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