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Spring 2002

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Bachelor of Science


Environmental Science

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Dr. James Deacon, Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Nevada Las Vegas

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A Coastal resort named Fiesta Surf is being planned for the southern portion of the Baja peninsula on the Pacific coast between the resort town of Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos. Two additional resorts and an exclusive housing community are in the planning stages within this region, known as the "Pacific Corridor." The proposal for development is in a high growth region near the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in the state of Baja California, Sur, Mexico. The Pacific coast of southern Baja has seen little development and consists largely of non-developed shoreline. The current economic base of the area is ranching, small agriculture farms, and fishing. The Fiesta Surf Corporation plans to develop 500 acres as a coastal resort, golf course, and possible marina for recreation and tourism. Development of golf courses and resort hotels will have dramatic impacts on the water resources of the area. The extent of those resources, has had little attention with regards to indepth studies. The geology of Southern Baja is complex and has not been the issue of intense exzamination. Water resources are directly related to rock types, topography, drainage patterns, and geology with regards to structure. Alluvial deposits are especially important determinants of water yield from any aquifer. This paper examines the potential of surface and ground water resources to support the planned developments in Southern Baja.


Aquifers; Mexico – Baja California (State); Resorts – Environmental aspects; Water-supply; Water use


Environmental Sciences | Sustainability | Water Resource Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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