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Spring 1997

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

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Dr. Kathleen Truman, UNLV, Community Sustainability, Department of Environmental Studies

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In 1995, Boulder City bought from the federal government 167 square miles of land in the Eldorado Valley which is located approximately seven miles west of the city. Soon afterward, the current landfill in Boulder City began accepting construction waste from Las Vegas. The large dump trucks had to travel through Boulder City on route to the landfill. In doing this they passed through three school zones and residential areas. When residents began complaining about the trucks, the Boulder City City Council began investigating various ways to solve the problem. The solution they adopted was to construct a new landfill on a 240-acre plot in the recently purchase Eldorado Valley. The city council voted unanimously to begin the process of permitting this proposed landfill. This report is broken down into three major sections. The first is a general discussion of what is involved in the landfill siting process and what the laws and regulations are for municipal landfills. The siting process includes data collection as well as determining what natural features exist at the proposed site. Federal law requires that the owner/operator of a class I municipal solid waste landfill follow certain requirements. These requirements are outlined and discussed in the Code of Federal Regulations title 40 part 258. The second section focuses on site specific environmental characteristics and concerns of the Eldorado Valley site, as well as what was done to comply with federal regulations concerning these matters. The environmental concerns include the groundwater, air and biological resources. Finally, there is a discussion of the problems and concerns of some of the Boulder City citizens and what types of public participation should occur to alleviate these problems for future projects.


Construction industry — Waste disposal; Nevada – Boulder City; Sanitary landfills; Sanitary landfills – Public opinion


Environmental Sciences | Public Administration | Public Policy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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