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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction

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Pramen Shrestha

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Jee W. Park

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Jin O. Choi

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Samaan Ladkany

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Moses Karakouzian

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Ashok Singh

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Construction projects can be delivered through various approaches; nevertheless, all practitioners and involved parties have a mutual goal, which is completing the project within the original scope, defined budget, and schedule. Reviewing the literature on public-private partnership (PPP), many efforts have been made covering different research areas, including policies, risks, roles and responsibilities, and finance. However, a study involving the development of a framework for PPP contracts, and quantitative assessment of project performance associated with PPP highway projects in the US is lacking. Therefore, this research fills such a noticeable gap in the body of knowledge on the PPP delivery method. It establishes a framework for PPP highway contracts, and also evaluates the cost and schedule performance of the PPP delivery method, focusing on highway projects. Moreover, it provides a comparison between PPP and Design-Build (DB) as one of the most widely used alternative project delivery methods for vertical and horizontal construction projects in the US. To meet this objective, first, a Delphi study was conducted with professionals involved in PPP highway projects, to identify the factors affecting PPP highway contracts, their development, and implementation. Then, the performance data of completed PPP and DB highway projects was compared to find the performance difference between these two project delivery methods. The primary contribution of this research is to guide professionals in the transportation industry toward the successful completion of PPP highway projects and help the involved entities and parties to select the right delivery method for future projects to gain more cost and schedule benefits.


Delphi; Highway; P3; PPP; Project Performance; Public-Private Partnership


Civil Engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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