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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Ju-Yeon D. Jo

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Yoohwan D. Kim

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Fatma D. Nasoz

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Alexander D. Barzilov

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Nowadays, many service providers need to provide many other functions than just a network connectivity. They also need to provide network functions such as network address translation, firewall, encryption, Domain Name Service (DNS), caching, routing and many other services. Usually these functions come with the hardware at the user or customer’s premises. This can increase the revenue of the revenue, but also can cost a lot and also be extremely difficult to maintain. Moreover, it is important to be able to configure the network and later modify the configuration to create fault tolerance and to prepare the system for future updates. In traditional network architecture, it is very difficult to do this since both the data plane and control plane are bound together inside every node in the network. To address this issue, SDN exists which decouples the data plane and the control plane. SDNs also create fault tolerance, but within SDN there are also different types of failure.

In this thesis, a divide and conquer approach in the high-level architecture of SDN-based networks with a semi-global controller will be discussed in order to show a new layer of fault tolerance and a possible solution to controller and link failures in SDNs. The research will begin comparing the traditional networking with Software Defined Networking. Then looks at different fault domains in SDN. Next the solution playing on the high-level architecture of SDNs with a semi global controller will be defined. Also, some metrics and results against the prepared prototype will be analyzed and compared with other existing fault tolerance solutions.


Failover; Software defined network


Computer Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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