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The goal of this study was to design and implement curricula in the Adult Basic Education classroom that aligned to the Critical Mathematics Pedagogical Framework. Specifically, this study assessed if ABE students’ mathematics anxiety and mathematics self-efficacy ware affected by curricula that aligns to the Critical Mathematics Pedagogical Framework. Using a transformative convergent parallel mixed methods study, this study showed that students taught using CMPF-based lessons specifically reflected on their own attitudes towards mathematics self-efficacy, mathematics anxiety, number positioning, and the need for societal change around mathematical concepts. Both quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed to highlight student reflections and dispositions around the aforementioned topics. Quantitative one-group pretest-posttest data on the Mathematics Self-Efficacy and Anxiety Questionnaire were analyzed using Wilcoxon Signed Rank Tests. Additionally, open-ended qualitative data was collected and analyzed through applied thematic analysis methodology. Collectively, both qualitative and quantitative data provided a lens into the effects of the Critical Mathematics Pedagogical Framework-based curricula on Adult Basic Education students’ mathematics anxiety, mathematics self-efficacy, attitudes towards number positioning, and statements about societal change around mathematical concepts.


Adult basic education; Applied thematic analysis; Mathematics anxiety; Mathematics self-efficacy; The critical mathematics pedagogical framework (CMPF)


Adult and Continuing Education Administration | Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Education | Educational Methods | Science and Mathematics Education

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