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This is an exploratory study about charitable gambling in Nevada. In the 1990 General Election, the voters of Nevada passed Question 2, which amended the Nevada State Constitution to allow lotteries to be operated by charitable organizations for fundraising purposes.1 Up to this point in time, lotteries of all kinds were banned by the Nevada Constitution since its passage in 1864, during Nevada’s first legislative session. Following the 1990 General Election, the Nevada Legislature approved Assembly Bill (A.B.) 449 in 1991 which enacted by statute the parameters for operating a charitable lottery. The primary forms of charitable gambling in Nevada are lotteries, bingo, and the occasional “Las Vegas Nights” where table games like twenty-one and poker are used to raise money. However, this last one is not used very often and is only mentioned briefly in this study. The primary focus of this study deals with charitable lotteries and charitable bingo.


Bingo; Charities; Fund raising; Gambling; Lotteries — Law and legislation; Lottery proceeds


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

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