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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching and Learning

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Randall Boone

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This study investigated the effect of feedback to measure post-mastery learning in a professional development course designed for child welfare worker. In addition, the study explored the subjects’ perceptions of benefits gained by taking an online professional development course for child welfare worker. Specifically, the effect of email summaries sent out after the completion of the course on the participant’s retention of material covered in the course was assessed. The summary emails were designed to enhance the benefits of reviewing the study material after the completion of the course with a particular focus on the quantity and frequency of reminders after the completion of the online professional development course. In addition, the study explored the subjects’ perceptions of benefits gained after taking an online professional development course and the effect of the electronic medium (i.e., computer, phone, or tablet) used. The experimental design was implemented to address the intervention; and the research study utilized a pre-test post-test format with a control group and two treatment groups. Groups A and B received the intervention. Group A participants were sent reminders at 1-week and 3-week intervals. Group B, the second treatment group, received repeated reminders after 24 hours, 72 hours, 9 days; and received a 3-week interval post-test. Group C represented the control group with no email reminders. The professional development course consisted of six modules of 30 minutes each. Upon completion of the course, a 4-week intermission from the end of the course to the post-test was allowed. Statistical analysis for the data was conducted using (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) SPSS (v. 17.0).


Child Welfare Worker.; Feedback; Mastery Learning,; Professional Development


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision

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