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Hotel Administration

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Competition in the Las Vegas nightclub industry has been growing fiercer over the last five years. This is due to the sheer number of nightclubs opening as well as millions of dollars spent on their construction and design. Long gone are the days of the warehouse style nightclubs of years past. We are in a modern era for nightclubs where architects from all over the world are collaborating to build the next best venue in Las Vegas. In order to compete in this highly competitive marketplace, owners and managers must give their employees all the tools necessary to succeed. Employees must be highly trained and efficient sales people in order for the venue to be successful. It is not enough to build a great space, the people inside that space need to back it up. The bottom line is the name of the game in this industry, so employees must have all the training necessary to not be simply order takers, but sales people.


Bartenders – Training of; Cocktail servers – Training of; Nightclubs; Selling – Alcohol


Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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