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This paper discusses how to build customer loyalty between Millennials and casinos. Although research has indicated that casinos are losing the interest of the Millennial consumer, it is recommended that casinos do not give up on this demographic. The Millennial generation is massive, accounting for a fourth of the U.S. population. Entering the workforce at rapid speed, this generation has a large amount of spending power and is willing to pay more for a product that is deemed valuable. This paper intends to lay the groundwork for an exploratory research study on customer loyalty and Millennials in the gambling and entertainment industry. The research objective focuses on the core components of behavioral and attitudinal loyalty, the consumer behavior of Millennials, and their gambling preferences compared to other generations. The research explored in this paper reveals that Millennials gamble differently than older generations, and casinos have opportunities to build customer loyalty with this younger generation. This paper formulates a marketing plan for hotel marketers that identifies trends in the market, defines a casino's objectives and the strategies to employ them, and the specific action plans to carry out those strategies. Additional recommendations are presented to assist casinos in building customer loyalty with the Millennial demographic.


customer loyalty; rewards program; Millennials; Baby Boomers; Generation X; Gen Xers; casinos; gambling; behavioral loyalty; attitudinal loyalty; brand trust; brand affect; brand quality


Gaming and Casino Operations Management

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