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Green Seal is one of the most recognized non profit organizations that work closely with companies from all over the country to provide certification of environmentally friendly products used by employees. There are many reasons for product certification process. The most obvious one is to preserve the environment and energy efficiency. Another important reason is to reduce the cost and increase the profit by using products with higher durability and less expensive packaging. Of equal importance is participation in green initiatives which allows hotels and other organizations to capture additional businesses, media exposure etc. InterContinental Chicago is the largest and most profitable hotels within InterContinental Hotels Group chain. This hotel started the certification process in April of 2007 and has achieved the Silver Level certification within eighteen months. Hotel had to make numerous operational changes to meet the requirements of the process. These changes resulted in better efficiency, more profit and several pieces of coverage from the local media. The objective of this professional paper was to create a guideline for all hotels of similar size and location that are exploring the idea of getting environmentally certified by Green Seal Organization.


Hospitality industry – Environmental aspects; Hotels – Environmental aspects; Sustainability


Hospitality Administration and Management | Sustainability

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