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Leadership is critical to the success of most organizations, and the achievement of an organization's goals is largely dependent on the leaders' ability to engage, motivate, and influence their teams—often referred to as Transformational Leadership. This is especially true for healthcare organizations wherein the morbidity and mortality of patients may be affected by the quality of leadership. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person meetings transitioned to the online format without nurse leaders' formal training. Leaders cited this lack of orientation as impeding their ability to sustain an online-virtual transformational leadership presence with their teams. They reported varying degrees of competence in virtual leadership, which are likely to persist without formal training and education. Research shows that leadership practices must adapt to the virtual environment for effective leadership and sustainable performance. However, little research focused on competency-based education teaching nurse leaders to be knowledgeable and confident transformational leaders in the online environment. The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project was to develop, implement, and evaluate online modules to improve nurse leader knowledge and confidence of AONL leadership competencies, including communication and relationship management, in the online environment and within the context of transformational leadership. The target population was formal nurse leaders—directors, managers, and assistant nurse managers. After the education intervention, study findings revealed a significant increase in nurse leaders' knowledge and confidence in online, transformational leadership competency.


AONL; COVID-19; Nurse Leaders; Online Education; Transformational Leadership; Virtual Leadership


Education | Educational Leadership | Nursing

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