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The gift of literacy can be the greatest equalizer in a society or used as a weapon to marginalize. As writing instructors, it should be our job to help our students find their voice – to give voice to the voiceless (Friere, 1970). More research must uncover the influences beyond the classroom and how those influences inform veteran teachers’ decisions about their writing practices and instructional designs, specifically on how teachers engage students in writing. It is the writing of our thoughts and ideas that shares a piece of ourselves with the world around us.This study explored how experienced English teachers between 30-60 years of age, with 10+ years of experience, and currently teaching in urban settings, balanced the demands of teacher evaluation criteria, standardized assessments, and/or curriculum standards with their decisions for writing instruction. The questions that drove the study explored the influences that may or may not impede or inform English teachers’ design of writing instruction, how veteran English teachers’ instructional writing practices evolved over their career, and how discipline-specific evaluations, standardized assessments, and curriculum standards (e.g., national, state, district) influenced high school English teachers’ decisions about writing instruction. Using a multiple-case interview study design with an exploratory approach, the research elicited qualitative data via face-to-face interviews with eight to twelve veteran English teachers to ensure that the researcher did not myopically focus personal bias based upon their own practice. This data was analyzed for patterns and themes using categories identified in the conceptual framework.


High School English; High School Writing; veteran teachers; writing instruction; Writing Process; writing relationships


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Instructional Media Design

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