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Despite the abundance of research studying the challenges of Muslim students in the United States, there is a dearth of explanatory research elaborating on the campus life challenges specific to Muslim female Iranian graduate students on U.S. campuses. Through conducting a case study through semi-structured online interviews with ten Muslim Iranian graduate students, this research pursued several purposes. First, it examined the campus life challenges, needs, and experiences faced by Muslim female Iranian graduate students as a racial and religious minority on U.S. campuses. Secondly, it identified the key contributing factors that cause or exacerbate these challenges for the targeted population. Thirdly, this research addressed the research gap in campus life experiences and perceptions of anti-Muslim prejudice and discrimination, especially among those who wear a hijab on campus. Practical suggestions to administrators and campus officials along with insights to facilitate developing strategies to support and accommodate these minorities’ needs were provided. This research is of significance in facilitating the inclusion and diversity policies on campus and attempts to raise awareness and amplify less heard voices on U.S. campuses as an attempt to embrace diversity and inclusion. Also, this research explored the potential to shift scholarly attention, and develop strategies to strengthen the support for less studied religious and racial minorities.


Cultural studies; Diversity; Minorities; Multicultural education; Religious studies; Women



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