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Master of Science (MS)


Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

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Brandon Eddy

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Katherine Hertlein

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Sara Jordan

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Anne Weisman


Medical education to become a physician is a rigorous training process resulting in high rates of burnout in medical students. Research on burnout in human service providers results in negative impacts on professionalism, well-being, and the future healthcare workforce. Previous research investigating strategies to combat burnout has demonstrated that resilience is a dominant explanation for recovery from burnout. There is limited data exploring how social support is used by medical students as a resource to cope with the demands of training. Considering that social support is one primary factor that contributes to resilience, it is important to understand the process of help-seeking behaviors by medical students in their management of burnout. The qualitative method, Grounded Theory, was implemented in this study to analyze the data gathered from semi-structured interviews with students in medical programs training to become a physician across the United States. Grounded theory provided a framework to construct a theory that elaborates on the process of using social support to cope with burnout during medical training. Findings noted five themes highlighting the benefits and limitations of using social support to cope with various stressors during medical training. Participants often become consumed with the obligations required of them to complete their training self-reports of managing symptoms of burnout were described as an isolating experience. Participants decided to turn towards using social support as a coping resource as an outlet to debrief about their experiences.

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Medical colleges;Burn out (Psychology);


Clinical Psychology

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