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This study is based on data provided by American Lung Association (ALA) on the children participating in summer asthma camp in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. 56 children participated in the camp in 2008. Universal Health History Form was used which is a comprehensive form to be filled out by parent and physician. Pre-test and Post-test Asthma forms were used to ascertain asthma knowledge before and after the camp.

The purpose of this study was to assess the trigger knowledge of the camp attendees and the measure of agreement between Physician and Parent report of child's asthma severity. In Nevada, no studies to our knowledge have been done to evaluate the characteristics of asthma camp attendees.

The study result suggests significant positive correlation between Physician and Parents assessment of the asthma severity. As the asthma severity increased there was relative increase in the number of school days missed. Trigger knowledge was poor among 25.9% (n=7) of attendees, and 40.7% (n= 11) had moderate trigger knowledge and 33% (n= 9) had higher trigger knowledge.


Asthma camp; Children; Nevada


Epidemiology | Public Health

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