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Cherokee Casino Resort (CCR) is relatively new in the gaming industry compared to other casino resort locations such as the resorts in Las Vegas. From its inception less than ten years ago, when legalized gambling was passed in the state of Oklahoma, Cherokee Casino has gone from two bingo halls to seven casinos and a horse track. Included with the seven casinos are truck stops, outposts, motels, and hotels located throughout the state. It has grown from approximately 50 employees to over 3,000 companywide. Along with the rapid growth of casinos and employees, Cherokee Nation Enterprises (CNE) has been able to support other business entities such as Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB), Cherokee Nation Incorporated (CNI), and Cherokee Nation (CN) to go along with the gaming side of the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Nation Enterprises (CNE). The overall game plan of CNE is to make the nation self-sufficient. Even with the major success that CNE experienced in such a short time in the industry, CNE must still rely on the federal government for money to support other services that are offered by the Nation. In order to provide the opportunity to become self-sufficient, CNE, as well as its other entities, will have to experience rapid growth and change.


Cherokee Indians; Gambling industry; Job growth; Off-reservation casinos; Oklahoma


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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