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Physical Therapy

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Academy (AA) is a seven/eight-week program implemented by select University of Nevada, Las Vegas Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) students to promote health and wellness at a Title I elementary school and help bridge the health education gap that underserved youth populations may be facing. We aimed to assess and improve the overall satisfaction of both the faculty members at the elementary school and the physical therapy students who participated in the program, while enhancing the health education of 5th grade students. Our aim was centered on stakeholders (elementary school administrators) and student mentors (DPT students) having the desire to continue implementing the AA program as a valuable health and wellness resource and to improve AA in the future. Lessons were centered around the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and sensory nervous systems, as well as oral cavity and neuroanatomy. Each lesson had learning objectives for the children including introductory knowledge about each body system and different health care professions. UNLV DPT students focused on making the lessons engaging for elementary students by using active learning teaching methods (crafting art projects, exercising, recreational games, conducting science experiments, and hands-on participation). Stakeholders and student mentors were given a post-program survey to reflect on the different aspects of AA and areas of improvement. These were completed by 12 DPT students and 2 stakeholders (PE teacher and a teaching assistant). The survey results overall represented a positive response to AA. The qualitative and quantitative results allowed us to make suggestions for future UNLV DPT students to implement in future AA sessions to enhance the overall satisfaction.


Obesity; Health Education; Anatomy Academy; Anatomical Sciences Education; Elementary School Engaged Learning; Mentoring; Out-reach Program; Service Learning; Elementary School


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