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Physical Therapy

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Anatomy Academy is an interactive, service-learning experience that allows doctoral physical therapy students to pose as educators for elementary-aged adolescents. Through instructional and activity-based learning, mentors formulated the program to encase anatomical, physiological, nutritional, and general health and wellness topics that translate into overall healthy behaviors. The experiment enveloped 7 major sectors of anatomy, including the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, oral cavity/nutrition, gastrointestinal system, sensory system, and central nervous system. Throughout the length of the program, the doctoral candidates reviewed the quality of the content delivered, the engagement of the students and staff, and the effects this had on the children’s interest in future health science professions. The students were anonymously assessed before and after the Anatomy Academy program, however, they did not show significant improvements when compared as a whole. Therefore, while the students did favor the program showing positive recognition, as noted through post-survey results, they did not show remarkable or retained educational gain.


Anatomy Academy; Title I Schools; Elementary Students; Service-learning; Education; Health habits


Elementary Education | Health and Physical Education | Physical Therapy

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