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Diversity programs have become a popular topic in today’s workforce. Diversity has become an important factor in the success of an organization. More and more agencies are beginning to realize that the workforce is becoming more diverse, and organizations are starting to embrace this diversity. Organizations are beginning to understand that diversity adds to the production and to the success of the organization, and is not a negative setback. Many agencies are realizing that diversity includes all employees, and is no longer just a racial issue. Diversity is the makeup of the world, and there are many dimensions of it. Agencies have begun to take heed to the importance of diversity, by implementing diversity programs in their organizations. Many have hired consultants to analyze their organizations, and to make suggestions as to what is needed to make their company more diverse. Diversity programs have been viewed as the extension of Affirmative Action (Koone 2001). However, diversity programs are not as negatively viewed upon as Affirmative Action has been in the past. The need to be diverse has grown in the workforce, and organizations are learning to become more sensitive towards the various make-ups of their employees (Loden 1996). As a result, training programs have been implemented to educate employees on what diversity is, and how it applies to them.


Corporate culture; Diversity in the workplace – Case studies; Las Vegas Valley Water District (Nev.); Nevada; Work environment


Public Administration | Work, Economy and Organizations

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