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This paper addresses the problem of workplace violence. Because research into workplace violence is relatively new, there is not much research into managerial response to violent incidences. This paper helps to establish a template that may become a useful managerial tool to decrease the potential for future workplace violence that may lead to loss of life and unnecessary monetary loss. Managers are not necessarily equipped to develop appropriate measures to effectively deal with violent issues. Given the proper tool, managers can often work wonders. The paper focuses on homicide in the workplace, which has been the second leading cause of work related death. In particular, the focus is violence committed by employees or former employees and directed against fellow employees, supervisors and managers. The research and recommendations of several researchers are presented and used to establish workplace violence prevention plan strategies. Statistical data from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is presented to put the problem in prospective. Theories on what causes or precipitates workplace violence are discussed to lay a foundation for ways to prevent violence in the workplace. Finally, a case study of the postal service Las Vegas valley area is presented to determine what plans were developed to address workplace violence area is presented to determine what plans were developed to address workplace violence and to relieve the fear of violence among the employees. I look into how seriously the threat of violence is taken and what actions are taken in the event of a violent incident to protect people and property. The purpose of the case study is not to assess effectiveness of plans or processes but to determine whether there is a plan that addresses elements of workplace violence. Since the Las Vegas Valley main post office administrative offices have had at least one violent incident, did they develop any measures concerning violence prevention? And does it cost much if your organization had a violent incident? Depending on what preconceived opinion you may have, this paper could change your mind or at least get you looking and thinking more about this subject. The paper will present work from several researchers in the Literature Review section and discuss (1) the extent of workplace violence, (2) the cost of workplace violence, and (3) two main factors that can be used to explain the causes of workplace violence. In the section on Preventing Workplace Violence, a basic workplace violence prevention plan is developed based on the most frequently occurring recommendations. The workplace violence prevention plan is then used to develop an interview instrument to collect information regarding the post office preparedness to deal with violent incidents. The Methodology section presents the information collection process and explains the setting in which the post office operates. Finally, the Findings and Analysis section explores the practices of the post office against the template presented as a basic workplace violence prevention plan.


Homicide; Personnel management; Violence in the workplace; Violence in the workplace – Prevention


Human Resources Management | Public Administration | Work, Economy and Organizations

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