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Spring 2010

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Professional Paper


Hotel Administration

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The purpose of this study is to correlate the research of immigration reform and the potential impact on the hospitality industry. For over a century, numerous debates and policies have been discussed and developed addressing the issue of immigration. The history of immigration policy shows that legislation was passed to address the current concerns for each of the past several decades, but additional changes are constantly needed in order to support the continued growth and changes of the nation. History also shows that some of the laws that were created to control immigration actually initiated larger issues, which led to additional legislation, which left loopholes in the verification process. During the same time frame, the history of the hospitality industry dealt with changes in employment practices in order to comply with the legislation that directed the United States. The hospitality industry has been challenged with finding both skilled and unskilled labor, lowering turnover and making the industry more attractive to potential employees. While facing these employment challenges and changes to immigration policies, the hospitality industry found employment solutions often times through immigrants. With the change in immigrant legislation and employment laws, the industry faced the challenge of not only finding skilled labor, but also ensuring that the employees were legal to work in the United States. One of the more recent forms of legislation that challenges the industry is the implementation of the electronic employment verification system (E-verify). This study will review the implementation of tighter immigrant and employment policies, the continued labor shortage, and the potential cost to the industry.


Hospitality industry – Employees; Immigrants – Employment


Hospitality Administration and Management

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