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This study examines the environmental content of hotel properties websites. The central question of this study is whether Las Vegas Strip properties have gone green, or plan to go green. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to examine the frequency of the environmental content of twenty-three Las Vegas Strip hotels’ websites as well as five upcoming hotel projects and one hotel expansion project on the Strip. The twenty-eight hotels are all located along Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the Strip. All properties examined have over two thousand rooms each. The goal is to determine how prevalent and important the environment is to these Strip properties and if the verbiage on their websites matches their actions. Each hotel’s website will be thoroughly examined to determine what they have posted as far as their current and future environmental plans and policies with respect to the following four areas: management support and concerns for the environment; environmental planning; environmental leadership qualities internally and externally; and validation or certification of environmental programs (Jose et al 2007). If there are no results from the website search, the corporation’s annual reports will be examined for such content. The next step after that is to conduct interviews with employees, managers, and executives of the hotels.


Green marketing; Hotels – Energy consumption; Hotels – Environmental aspects; Nevada – Las Vegas; Resorts – Environmental aspects; Sustainability


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Sustainability

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