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Call monitoring has been employed by both the manufacturing and service industries for the purpose of improving their service quality (Dilauro & Lubowsky, 1998; Fleischer, 2003; Fleischer & O’Herron, 2004; Miciak & Desmarais, 2001; Spencer, 2005). The ultimate goal behind the efforts to improve service quality is to enhance the firm’s business practices by increasing customer satisfaction (Fleischer, 2003; Fleischer & O’Herron, 2004; Miciak & Desmarais, 2001). A positive relationship between customer satisfaction and business performance has been supported by many researchers (Bitner & Zeithaml, 2003; Bou-Llusar, Camison-Zornoza, & Escrig-Tena, 2001; Dubrovski, 2001; Row & Barnes, 1998). Those researchers similarly assert that customer satisfaction, as the result of service or product purchase, significantly influences customers’ positive behaviors, such as their repeat purchase intentions, brand loyalty, or brand recognition, all of which benefit business performance. A key element for customer satisfaction is service quality (Babakus, Yavas, Karatepe, & Avci, 2003; Bitner & Zeithaml, 2003; Bou-Llusar et al., 2001; Dubrovski, 2001; Kondo, 2002; Miciak & Desmarais, 2001). Service quality is considered one of the top priorities of management and a prerequisite for sustaining a competitive advantage in a service business. This is due to its positive influence on various organizational issues, such as growth, security, and sustainability (Sureshchandar, Rajendran, & Anantharaman, 2002). In addition, Bitner and Zeithaml (2003) state that service quality is critical because it is imperative for customers’ service consumption expectations to be satisfied.


Consumer satisfaction; Customer services — Quality control; Success in business


Hospitality Administration and Management

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