Award Date

Fall 2010

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Professional Paper

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Master of Hospitality Administration

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Gail Sammons, Chair

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Effective internship programs can offer both interns and employers significant benefits. For the college student or mid-career changer seeking entrance into an industry, an internship offers practical experience in an area of interest while providing valuable skills, bolstering a professional resume, and increasing a worker’s marketability. For the employer, internship programs can support operational success and reduce employee recruitment costs. Specific to the highly labor-intensive hotel industry, internship programs have been instrumental in filling labor shortages during peak seasons, which allow hotel organizations to consistently provide optimal guest service. An industry known for their high employee-turnover rates, internship programs have been a cost-effective tool used by hotel organizations to train and recruit new hires. However, within the bed-and-breakfast sector of the hotel industry, internship programs rarely exist. Are there characteristics unique to the bed-and-breakfast industry that makes implementing an internship program impractical? The purpose of this paper is to develop an internship program specifically designed for the needs of the bed-and- breakfast innkeeper, while offering a quality educational experience for the intern. The objective of this study is to explore the use of internship programs in the hotel industry and to determine how such programs can benefit the bed-and-breakfast industry.


Bed and breakfast accommodations; Employees — Recruiting; Hospitality industry; Internship programs


Hospitality Administration and Management | Human Resources Management