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Professional Paper

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Master of Hospitality Administration


Hotel Administration

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Pearl Brewer, Chair

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This is a research paper exploring the ability of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to cope with challenges of back-of-the-house of the hospitality industry in Singapore. Focused on supply chain, food safety and security, the paper reviewed the three integrated service support processes of back-of-the-house that drove the service delivery processes of front-of-the-house in meeting the critical reliability dimension of SERVQUAL model. The RFID mobile technology’s advantages were studied in mitigating risks and meeting compliances within the three back-of-the-house areas. The RFID was further examined as a viable IT solution based on the potential impacts associated with cost-of-not-doing and the improved ROI over cost-of-doing. Constructed by using service blueprinting technique, the RFID enabled IT model was proposed for real-time tracking and interfacing with systems and processes. The advantages of the model were illustrated to improve efficiency and enhance capability of back-of-the-house processes. Explaining the limitations of the model, the paper also recommended the five-step approach of RFID implementation and future research on lifecycle tracking benefits.


Business logistics; Hospitality industry – Technological innovations; Radio frequency identification systems; Singapore; Support services (Management)


Hospitality Administration and Management | Other Business




UNLV Singapore Campus