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Development in Southeast Asia involves making good decisions for the future, so the idea that good planning can ignore sustainability is something of an oxymoron. Good development has to be sustainable and we have reached a point where the old ways of tourism development are intolerable. For example, hotels spring up without planning for the future. This short sightedness means natural endowments, like coastlines, erode and forests are cut down, chasing away the wildlife; or cultural history in the form of temples, historic buildings, and sacred places are destroyed. Ironically, tourism development is eradicating the very forms of product that many tourists come to see and the natural economic resources get swept away. In addition, native residential districts are destroyed to make way for hotel construction, forcing the occupants to crowd together in dense ghettos. Developers do not even realize what they are destroying. However, in today’s market, we can recognize the need to sustain and even nourish the environment, the native people and distinct cultures, and the hotel investors and developers who are part of the economic scene.


Hospitality industry; Hotels – Environmental aspects; Social responsibility of business; Southeast Asia; Sustainable development


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Hospitality Administration and Management | Other Business | Sustainability

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