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Summer 2009

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Public Administration

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Christopher Stream, Chair

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One of the most important components of any business is the ability to effectively market the organization. Marketing is critical in shaping the public's knowledge of services offered and how an organization distinguishes itself from other organizations within a community. This type of recognition ultimately affects an organization's sustainability. To effectively conduct outreach and create an effective marketing strategy nonprofit organizations are increasingly becoming reliant on volunteers to meet these missions. With nonprofit organizations taking on larger caseloads with limited staff, organizations are becoming more reliant on volunteers, which include the Board of Directors, to assist in marketing and fundraising. Help from high profile and dedicated volunteers are also essential for an organization to be successful.


Fund raising; Nonprofit organizations – Marketing; Voluntarism; Volunteers


Advertising and Promotion Management | Other Business | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Administration