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The City of Las Vegas, Detention and Enforcement is a law enforcement organization that is significantly unique in its mission and organization. On March 15, 1982, the City of Las Vegas determined that, due to extreme overcrowding at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments holding facility, it was time to create the Las Vegas Department of Detention and Correctional Services. As the population of Las Vegas continued to grow, the Las Vegas Department of Detention and Correctional Services also increased in both size and degree of responsibilities. In 1986, the Las Vegas Park Rangers were absorbed and became the law enforcement arm of the agency, patrolling anything that is owned and operated by the City of Las Vegas. Over the next decade, the agency would increase its operational mission to include Animal Control and Parking and Enforcement, move into a new facility and change their name to The City of Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement.


City of Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement; Law enforcement – History; Nevada – Las Vegas


Defense and Security Studies | Law Enforcement and Corrections | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Administration

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