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The City of Las Vegas Human Resources Department requested the evaluation team examine the perception of fairness in the promotional selection process as demonstrated by the results of the 2007 Diversity and Inclusion Survey and related complaints from some of the employees. Based on discussions with the Human Resources department and subsequent interviews with other stakeholders, the main focus of the evaluation team covered the strengths and weaknesses of the promotional process and determining the reasons for the perceived preferential treatment in the promotional process as expressed by city employees who responded to the 2007 Diversity and Inclusion Survey. While initially discussed, it was agreed that the evaluation team would not examine the new hire recruitment selection process, as all interviewed stakeholders reported little if any concern with any issues of fairness with this process. Additionally, any potential collection of data to investigate possible complaints of fairness by new hire applicants is virtually non-existent.


Discrimination in employment; Fairness; Nevada – Las Vegas; Personnel departments; Promotions


Human Resources Management | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Administration




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