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Boulder City is rich with natural resources such as abundant land, 50% of Hoover Dam's power generation at cheap rates, and a high priority right of Colorado River Water. In addition to low utility rates, Boulder City residents have the lowest property taxes by far compared to other cities in southern Nevada. Unfortunately due to needed infrastructure replacement and new expenses facing Boulder City, such as paying for a portion of the third intake at Lake Mead, revenue is no longer covering the city's expenses.

Through the previous group's (grad students of the Spring 2008 Semester) research, we combined both innovative concepts and empirical research of best financial practices being used in agencies both locally and across the country. From these findings, we have developed three recommendations, including financial infrastructure, redevelopment, and new development that if implemented in an integrated and systematic manner would assist the City of Boulder City to meet short and long term strategic objectives for economic revitalization and development. This holistic approach would therefore set forth a model that is conducive with Boulder City's 2000 Strategic Plan, the previous Master Plan, the current Redevelopment Plan, and the 2006 Boulder City Budget Survey by Applied Analysis. Our recommendations would also be consistent with the opinions of various stakeholders who were interviewed during this research.

We further hope that portions of our paper could be used by the City in a Newsletter, thus increasing transparency from the City which would help gainer understanding and support from the residents on needed financial changes. In the future other grad students could continue our research by developing a detailed plan as to how the City could fund each departmen


Finance; Public; Local finance; Municipal budgets; Municipal finance; Nevada – Boulder City


Economic Policy | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Administration

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