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The textbook adoption process in the State of Nevada has its share of flaws, bureaucracy red tape, and "legal E's" however; its intentions are meant to benefit all instructors and students in the state. Textbooks are as integral to education as school buildings and teachers, and they should be part of the free, public education provided by the state and school districts (New Sentinel Editorial, 2006). In the complexity of this process, legislators have deemed it important to have parents involved to assist with providing appropriate material for students. What appears to be justifiable and logical thinking has created basic questions. To what extent are parents involved? And, what role and influence do parents or interest groups have on the process? As integral as textbooks are in education, the limited knowledge of parents into the process has stifled the intent of the adoption process as policymakers intended it. Parent's role in this process is muddled with political, administrative and policy chaos which provides no true structure to an issue that is fundamentally the base of our youth's education. While administration and legislation have mandated that parents participate in the Nevada textbook adoption process they have yet to find an effective way to utilize parents in this process.


Education — Parent participation; Nevada; School management and organization — Parent participation; Textbooks


Education Policy | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Policy | Social Policy

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