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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Emma E Regentova, Chair

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Peter A Stubberud

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Henry Selvaraj

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Ajoy K Datta

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Markus Berli

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The rhizosphere, i.e. the zone of soil immediately surrounding plant roots plays a prominent role in supplying plants with water and nutrients. However, surprisingly little is known about rhizosphere physical properties and how they affect root growth, water and nutrient uptake. The lack of non-invasive and non-destructive imaging techniques necessary to observe living roots growing in undisturbed soil have been a main reason for this shortcoming. Recent advances in synchrotron X-ray micro tomography (CMT) provide the potential to directly observe soil physical properties around living roots in-situ.In this work we develop procedures for assisting scientist to study the soil properties by visualizing and automatically processing micro CT images. Specifically image de-noising in the wavelet domain is performed for convenient profiling and segmentation is applied for automated calculation of soil properties. As new measures we proposed the normalized radial and circular aggregation and water transportability and also have shown ways of generalizing the studies for 3D.


Denoising; Plant-soil relationships; Rhizosphere; Segmentation; Soils; Thresholding; Water transportability; Wavelet shrinkage; X-ray micro tomography


Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics | Environmental Engineering




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