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Master of Science in Geoscience



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Oliver Tschauner

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Eugene Smith

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Andrew Cornelius

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Yttrium is used in geochemical investigations of arc volcanics and metamorphic geothermometers. The ability to use Y as a geochemical tool is predicated on an understanding of the mobility of Y during fluid-saturated conditions attending metamorphic and igneous processes. The goal of this work was to use the hydrothermal diamond anvil cell (HDAC) and synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence to quantify, in situ, the concentration of Y in aqueous fluids at 2-5 GPa and 650 - 800 °C; conditions likely at the oceanic lithosphere - mantle wedge interface in subduction zones. Previous studies have used modified diamond anvils which limits their maximum pressure to ~2 GPa. I used unmodified diamond anvils to extend this range to greater pressure, hence simulating greater depth (about 80-140 km), where significant dehydration of the subducting oceanic lithosphere is hypothesized to occur. With the detectors oriented 10° relative to forward scattering geometry, Rayleigh scattering of the diamond anvils was sufficiently reduced to observe Y fluorescence within the HDAC. However, I observed a non-linear relationship between concentration and fluorescence. The new technique offers great promise, and future work to increase sensitivity, perhaps by increasing counting times, is warranted.


Arc volcanoes; Element mass transfer; Fluid phases; High pressure; Hydrothermal diamond anvil cells; In situ; Oceanic lithosphere; Solid phases; Sub-arc mantle wedge; Subduction zones; Synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence; Temperature-pressure conditions; Trace elements; Yttrium(Y)


Geochemistry | Geology | Tectonics and Structure | Volcanology

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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