Brendan Kiely has a New Book and Laurie Halse Anderson is Going to be with him to Talk about Tradition.

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Dr. Bickmore's YA Wednesday


Brendan Kiely is a happy guy! He should be. He has a new book out. I don't think I have ever seen Brendan when he hasn't been brimming with enthusiasm. Well, he should be, his books are fantastic. I know, I know you might have heard of a little book that made a splash a couple of years ago--All American Boys. Well, if that is the only book of his that you know you are missing out. The primary thing you need to know about Brendan, is that he is not afraid to speak truth to power. His debut novel, The Gospel of Winter is compelling and powerful. His writing gets more powerful as he moves along. I feel in hard for his third novel, The Last True Love Story. As I was reading about it, I kept thinking, I am going to write about this book. It is fantastic. Music is a dominate theme that helps establish character, setting, and connects ideas family across time and space. So, I did. My son, Isaac Bickmore, a music educator at the University of Central Missouri, teamed up with me and we wrote a chapter about project based learning and alternate assessments using music as a base. The chapter is entitled "A Music and ELA Project: Connections through Brendan Kiely's The Last True Love Story" I was published in Adolescent Literature as a Complement to the Content Areas: Social Science and the Humanities edited by Greathouse, Kaywell and Eisenbach.


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