My First Blog Post of 2018 Borrows and an Equation: Reading = Hope x Change

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Dr. Bickmore's YA Wednesday


Last year was a great year for young adult literature. There were so many good books that I could have added to my list of best picks of the year. That is one of the problems with a list, you have to cut it off somewhere. As I have been reflecting on the year, I have been impressed with how many great things happened near the end of the year and as this one started. Too often, academic pundits talk to much. This time I will try to shut up and let the people making the news have their say. So, the rest of this blog post will be turned over to Jaqueline Woodson, Jason Reynolds, Kwame Alexander, Robin Benway, and Matt de la Peña. Hopefully, you are aware of how and when they made the news, but do your students? All are worthy revisiting and sharing.


Children's and Young Adult Literature