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Journal of Primary Care and Community Health



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© The Author(s) 2021. Consuming 5 or more cups of fruits and vegetables (F & V) per day or 400 g/day for adults is advocated by most health authorities and has short-term and long-term health benefits. There have been numerous studies examining dietary behaviors among different US populations; however, the literature on F & V consumption behavior among Asian Americans (AAs) is sparse. AAs constitute a diverse group and as their population continues to grow in the US; there is a greater need to examine the health practices of AAs and their constituent subgroups. The study aimed to conduct a thematic analysis based on a scoping review of the peer-reviewed published literature over the past 15 years targeting F & V consumption among AAs. The thematic analysis was organized around the prevalence, consequences, determinants, and interventions (n = 33). AAs consuming recommended servings of F & V ranged from 0.5% to 20%. Correlations between the consumption of F & V and Body Mass Index (BMI) and other chronic diseases were reported as negative and significant associations were noted between F & V intake and self-reported health. There was only 1 intervention that was conducted with this behavior in only 1 small subgroup of this target population. There is an urgent need to study F & V consumption behavior among different AA subgroups as well as to design culturally appropriate theory-based efficacious F & V promotion interventions for them.


Dietary choice; Eating behavior; Fruits; Health behavior; Nutrition; Vegetables


International and Community Nutrition | Public Health Education and Promotion

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