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The Lake Mead monitoring program has developed a substantial body of information on the physical, chemical and biological limnology of Lake Mead since 1972. This report summarizes pertinent aspects of that data, with emphasis on studies completed in 1975 -76. It is our continuing hope that the data developed by us will be useful to an ever broader group of users of the water resource represented by Lake Mead. We have been privileged to see our data have a significant influence in some very important water resource decisions over the past four years. There is every reason to expect that as the data base builds, its usefulness to user groups will also build.

The primary purposes of the monitoring program have been to develop and maintain a data base essential to the continuing evaluation of the success of the efforts to clear up Las Vegas Wash and to provide a continuing evaluation of the validity of proposed actions. We have developed such a data base and need only to maintain it current for our continuing evaluation to be effective. This data base, however, is also useful and should increasingly be used for other management purposes as well. We are in a position to assist in the rational definition and description of problems related to water resource management in Lake Mead.


Algae; Bacteria; Limnology; United States--Lake Mead; Water quality--Testing; Water treatment plants; Water--Waste


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