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Technical Report

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Lake Mead and Lake Powell salinity Reports


The enclosed reports were compiled for the Colorado River Water Quality Office based on salinity data for Lake Mead and Lake Powell. According to the regional director of the office, the reports are not considered "polished" documents for public distribution. However, he considers them to be "interesting, rough appraisals of general trends that may be very important In our understanding the hydro-salinity system in the Colorado River."


Aquatic chemistry; Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico); Lake Mead (Ariz. and Nev.); Lake Powell (Utah and Ariz.); Quality of water; Salinity; Water quality


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Environmental Chemistry | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring | Fresh Water Studies | Inorganic Chemistry | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Sustainability




Two reports concerning the salinity of Lake Mead and Lake Powell are included.