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Technical Report

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Food and energy transformation in an aquatic system must be understood in order to develop a simulation approach. This report provides a comprehensive study of an aquatic ecosystem. The objectives of this report are to show:

(1) the biological relationships in an aquatic system

(2) the role of nutrients in the biological cycle

(3) the role of abiotic factors in a limnetic environment

(4) the status of the art of "Eutrophication modeling".


Benthic organisms; Chlorophyll; Dissolved oxygen; Effluent quality; Freshwater phytoplankton; Limnology; Water temperature; Zooplankton


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Biochemistry | Biology | Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring | Fresh Water Studies | Natural Resources and Conservation | Sustainability | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology